Simple and essential lines without compromise on all the advantages of our products. Ergonomics and functionality we always guarantee meet a forefront aesthetic profile, never heavy nor excessive, on the contrary, discreet and minimal. Round wire, 5-mm full background and two-dimensional adjustment.

Why choose Ring

Our Ring line encloses all our experience in a whole of simple but complete elements, which guarantee an effective and easy use of cabinets' spaces.
Ring is a solid line created to accompany you over time. Moreover, with its relative simplicity, it offers a wide variety of space-saving pull-outs, drawers, columns and angular mechanisms.

Angular mechanisms

The Ring line proposes many angular mechanisms. Fixed Smart Corner, easy and effective at the same time. Or rather the kit composed by two half-moon rotating trays ensuring an easy access to cookware and other items. Last but not least, our Uniko equipped with a pull-out, rotating mechanism to be fixed on a shelf.


With the aim of simplification, the Ring line makes available a series of columns and maxi columns with baskets to arrange all objects you usually find in the kitchen. Essentiality and complete functionality for our Ring line.


Ring also ensures beauty with its finishes in white and chrome or charcoal grey. These finishes perfectly match the rigour of lines: essential, in-sight but discreet, like the Ring product line is.