Union between a high-degree of personalization and accessories’ adjustment with an elegant, minimal design. Easiness to fix for linear, but refined kitchens. Glass or wood with a full background and three-dimensional adjustment.

Why choose Essence

This product line was designed bearing in mind the contemporary aesthetic needs looking for rigorous linearity and identification of a minimal identity.
Essence can be personalized from the most varied points of view ranging from the choice of materials for drawers, to the possibility of adjusting them in order to allow an installation according to the customer's specific needs.
The ease of installation thanks to the quick release system constitutes a precious competitive plus of the Essence line.


Drawers of the Essence line may be personalized as for the background and side elements. Refined and plain finishes like glass, HDF (High Density Fiberboard), HPL (High Pressure Laminates) and wood can be installed upon request to define further the Essence accessories style. Drawers can be adjusted in width, within a range of 8 mm.

The finishes

We propose Essence in two different colors; white (shiny or matte) and charcoal grey (shiny or matte). The nuances we have selected for the Essence products enhance their contemporary and minimal character, so that they become the perfect choice to equip modern kitchens-characterized by clean, essential lines-with our accessories.

Quick release system

The name of the product line itself suggests easiness of installation. The quick release system of the guide rails on the rack structure is very simple and immediate. No instruction manuals are needed to install the accessories.