The markets in which we operate
Since 1980 an example of excellence

We are present in about 70 countries worldwide. This is not a mere commercial strategy. Being there, in an increasing number of different markets implies an effort to understand the specific peculiarity of the demand, varied needs and develop new solutions for the arrangement of the domestic spaces. An economic presence? Yes, but cultural and experiential, too. The facts prove us right. Our products are welcomed in the house of so many people in the world because we succeed in interpreting our customers' needs and tastes; our products, our offer integrate and satisfy these needs.

Our actual target markets are mainly B2B, hence our partnership with the most prestigious finishing manufacturers in Italy and Europe. We create synergies with our partners' technical and sales offices aiming to establish supply lines responsive to the needs of the market, from a technological point of view-without losing sight of the product- and in terms of product design. We are a production partner, but a smart agent in search of the best furnishings solutions for the final customers' kitchens and wardrobes, too.

With regard to the production for the final market, we are widening the spectrum of counterparties, getting nearer and nearer to small craft businesses and top-of-range niche segments. Without forgetting designers and interior planners to implement our overall offer and presence of the B2B and B2C markets.

Our distributors