Plants and organization
Our production and order logic

Core competencies in all production phases

We started our business activity processing steel wire, and-over the years- we have undoubtedly become experts in the sector. Besides experience we have also acquired core competencies in all production phases: proof of that is the large number of international patents regarding fixing, adjusting systems and kinematic chains of our products.

Lean production

Our great desire for improvement led us to perfect the techniques of production management. Therefore, since 2015, we adopted the philosophy of lean production, which aims at minimizing warehouse stock (interoperation too) in order to reduce the waste of resources allowing at the same time an optimal quality control of our products and semi-finished products.
Natural consequence of the adoption of the lean production philosophy is the management of the production flow through “pull” logics, with the one piece flow. For this reason, orders are always processed as specific orders. This way we can follow the order process in every treatment or processing phase. Every single production and material used is traced so that we can always detect the cause of eventual non-conformities regarding products, processes or raw materials with respect to the customer’s requirements.

Robotised lines and high-tech machinery guarantee a high-quality production

The plant set is organised in robotised lines, which can be activated or deactivated according to the varying production needs. A whole of high-tech instruments and plants select, shear and bend metal wire, steel and aluminium sections. Welding is characterized by the same number of robotised units working through different techniques, depending on the final product or semi-finished product:

  • projection (welding current is concentrated through a bulge or contour obtained on one of the details, at the joint: this way we can work with high surface area, plain electrodes, which adapt exactly to the contour of the specific detail treated)
  • wire (MIG/MAG)
  • TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), arc welding process with non-consumable electrode (in tungsten) with a shielding inert gas.

The complex processing and production system-to date really efficient and optimised-allow us to assembly semi-finished products during welding for a total of 40 tonnes of material every day.
Once material processing is completed products are superficially finished. This phase aims to:

  • guarantee protection from corrosion over time
  • aesthetically define different finished products, which converge in different lines characterized by specific aesthetic and functional drivers.

Among all finishes available, these are particularly successful with customers:

  • shiny or matte chrome
  • polished steel
  • epoxy coated, in different colours and nuances.

With the aim of satisfying the customers’ requirements, we have internalised the main process of metal processing, but phases in support of coating, chrome and wood processing, too.

Chrome plant

Our chrome plant in Montecchio Maggiore allows a processing for closed cycle, with an average production time of 3 hours from semi-finished to finished products. The highest quality of finishing is obtained through 5 layers of metal-based solutions (matte nickel, acid copper, semi-gloss and gloss nickel, chrome), and by granting an average thickness of 35 micron. The products’ quality is proven by tests with salt spray fogs. Since processes of chrome passivation are not concerned-but exclusively functional processes of zero-valent chromium plating resulting from an hexavalent chromium bath-our plating activities give origin to products coated with chrome in the metallic state, therefore, free from substances hazardous to health or nature, having full regard of the relevant national and international directives in force.

Our organisation

The lean philosophy for production and warehousing activities we adopted encourages us to constantly seek possible areas of improvement, as for both products and processes. As a consequence, besides a pervasive company culture oriented to continuous innovation and improvement all the staff-at every level and processing phase-shall undertake ongoing training.
We update cyclically our production and processing softwares. Moreover, we undertake complete courses of professional update and training, both internally-with the support of our qualified in-house workers or highly specialized consultants-and outside the company, following training programmes specifically developed for our staff.