General Terms and Conditions of Sale
General terms

In general:

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale-except where derogations are explicitly provided for in writing-apply to all existing and future sale relations between the parties.
The sales contract between Vibo and the purchaser shall be deemed concluded upon acceptance of the order by Vibo, that is when the confirmation of the order is sent.


These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all supplies of goods and/or services-on whatever basis-made by the company VIBO S.P.A.
Particular conditions, derogations or amendments to these general terms and conditions are valid only if explicitly agreed in written between VIBO S.P.A. and the purchaser (hereinafter, the CUSTOMER).
Any written and/or verbal undertaking made by agents, distributors and/or external partners to VIBO S.P.A. are not binding on the company, unless otherwise confirmed by proper documentation duly approved and signed by VIBO S.P.A.


Any order sent by the CUSTOMER to VIBO S.P.A. constitutes an irrevocable offer to purchase for a period of time not exceeding 30 (thirty) days.
The contract for any individual supply shall be deemed concluded on the date of the written confirmation of the order made by VIBO S.P.A., or by conduct with the shipping of the goods, without prejudice to the final decision of VIBO S.P.A. not to accept orders.

Subject of the purchase order:

Orders completed under articles 1326, 1327, 1329 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code shall not be cancelled by the customer.
In particular, VIBO S.P.A. reserves the right to withdraw from accepted orders in the event the Customer fails to comply with the general terms and conditions of sale.


VIBO S.P.A. price list does not constitute an offer: it is purely indicative and may be modified unilaterally from VIBO S.P.A. without giving any prior notice. The specific agreement on the sale price will be subject to a negotiation between client and seller before the order is issued.
All prices are quoted in Euro, net of VAT, shipping and insurance.
Orders of less than EUR 1,000.00=(one thousand)+ VAT will not be processed.


Each sale is delivered ex warehouse, ex stock by VIBO S.P.A.. Therefore, shipping, insurance, and other costs, as well as risks associated are to be borne by the CUSTOMER.
Unless the parties agree otherwise-reporting it in written in the order-the Client freely chooses the shipping agent. Therefore, the CLIENT, must collect the goods at VIBO S.P.A. warehouse within and not beyond 5 (five) working days from the delivery date specified for the relevant order. In the event the CUSTOMER fails to collect the goods by that date, VIBO S.P.A. is entitled to obtain corresponding warehousing costs calculated on the basis of an interest rate of 5% (five percent) of the contract price for each week of delay. Once 30 (thirty) days have elapsed VIBO S.P.A. may sell the goods ordered, but not collected by the CUSTOMER.

All shipping costs and risks, including storage expenses at carrier premises, are to be borne by the CUSTOMER, as follows:
• the CUSTOMER does not accept the goods from the carrier;
• ithe CUSTOMER is not available during working days and in business hours;
• the carrier fails to deliver the goods-in case of goods delivered with cash on delivery terms-following the CUSTOMER’s refusal to pay according to the terms and conditions previously agreed upon.
In any case, VIBO S.P.A. reserves the right-when previously agreed with the CUSTOMER-to proceed with part-delivery, unless differently specified in the relevant order.

Conditions for payment:

As for the payment method, this is based on personal agreements between VIBO S.P.A. and each individual customer before the confirmation of the order.


VIBO S.P.A. guarantees the distributed products exclusively for faults deriving from defects in design, material and construction, which can be attributed to the seller.
This warranty does not apply when the purchaser cannot prove the correct installation, storage, use, maintenance and conservation of products, as well as that no modification or alteration of the goods occurred without prior consent from Vibo. In particular, a normal use of the products should be followed. Dimensional and thickness changes do not represent defects or nonconformities when they remain within the tolerance margin specified in the UNI ISO regulations in force.
The above mentioned warranties have a 24 (TWENTY-FOUR) months validity from the date of the goods’ shipment by VIBO S.P.A., unless otherwise provided in the Price List of VIBO S.P.A. in force at the date of order confirmation. In any case, it remains understood that warranties, mentioned previously, shall not become operative if the CUSTOMER fails to submit a written complaint by the deadlines and in the form described.
In order to exercise the warranty right, the CUSTOMER must ship to VIBO S.P.A. all products-securely packaged-and possibly in their original packaging. They must be completed in all their parts and accessories and must not present any attempt at tampering or damage not due to manufacturing faults.
The warranty excludes any other kind of responsibility of VIBO S.P.A., which-in no event-shall be held responsible for indirect damages to third parties, consequential production losses, or loss of profits. Once the warranty period has elapsed, no claims can be invoked against VIBO S.P.A.

Patents, brands, distinctive features, confidentiality clause:

The CUSTOMER explicitly recognizes that the name VIBO S.P.A., its logo and Know How of the products subject of the purchase are under intellectual and industrial property rights of VIBO S.P.A.
In no case the CUSTOMER-unless previously authorised in written by VIBO S.P.A.-is allowed to use, delete and remove any indication regarding patents, brands, trade or origin names affixed by VIBO S.P.A. on products provided.
The CUSTOMER hereby commits to treat as confidential the information obtained by virtue of the activities carried out in the context of this contract. The same duty of confidentiality applies to VIBO S.P.A. with respect to the CUSTOMER.


All disputes arising from the application of these General Terms and/or the orders carried out according to the same provisions shall be referred exclusively to the Court of Vicenza.


Conditions detailed in this document may be modified without prior notification, and shall be valid from the date of publication on the website, 13/10/2018.