The Galaxy line is characterized by the design of an elliptical wire, which enhances the components’ aesthetics. The wide range of elements available allow to arrange objects of contemporary kitchens in a rational and innovative way. An elliptical wire with a 16 mm full background and three-dimensional adjustment.

Why choose Galaxy

The elliptic wire and wide range of finishes available confer to the Galaxy products unique and highly innovative features. Pull-outs equipped to hold bottles of bread bags are a plus of the product line.
Moreover, you can choose among different solutions for the kitchen furniture's corners in order to rationalize-in an elegant and practical way-the use of domestic corners. The various and modern finishes suggest the Galaxy line as the best option available when the kitchen represents the house's beating heart.

Equipped pull-outs

Galaxy equipped pull-out accessories to hold bottles or bread bags are distinctive features of the product line allowing the use of spaces available in the kitchen in a rational and functional way. Drawers are arranged to offer extraordinary easiness of use and a great storage capacity for all domestic objects of different size and weight. Everything within hand's reach in the kitchen.

Angular mechanisms

Pull-out angular mechanisms are designed to take advantage of all spaces available. In the version Smart Corner, Fly Moon or Uniko: the most varied solutions for the equipment of kitchens' corners. Rotating full extension: the angular mechanisms of the Galaxy line play a relevant role in choosing the product line's name and bring to mind standards of hypermodern spaceships.


Besides the refined finishes available for the line, there is the option for an antiskid finish of the background. Galaxy enhances the level of functional ergonomics by proposing valuable solutions to small problems that, however, could be really annoying.