The first wardrobe range designed by VIBO. A complete line of aluminium and steel accessories for the most varied furnishings combinations. Shoe racks, baskets, clothes hangers, tie holders and other products to personalize your wardrobe.

Why choose Dream

The Dream line for walk-in closets shows off a full range of innovative solutions to arrange the inside of your wardrobe. In the spirit of our "mission" we have studied attentively spaces of modern wardrobes in order to optimize functions with a keen eye on the aesthetic component of all the outside finishes. Baskets and trays where to store your belongings in an orderly, functional and elegant way. Classic multi-stripe design, entirely made of aluminium, including the side guide rail cover housing.


Our innovation as for hangers. Ambrogio is our ergonomic solution for up-and-down hangers designed to fix accessories on the side of pieces of furniture. Ambrogio is adjustable in width and includes a soft up-and-down mechanism, so that you can choose your outfit, effortless.


Dream makes available a full range of products to organise wardrobes at best. There are trousers racks, tie holders, pull-out hangers with sphere guide rails suitable for all requirements of inside design of walk-in closets. Matching side accessories.

Side shoe racks

Dream" with two or three tiers and space-saving, partial extension sphere guide rails represent our solution-even from an aesthetic point of view-to organise your shoe collection, no matter how big it is.