Our factories

A production area of more than 16,000 sqm

We founded our company in the north-east of Italy, historical beating heart and economic locomotive of the country since the 50s. The fundamental production phases, assembly, packaging and shipping take place in our headquarters in Trissino, in the province of Vicenza. However, the main office, besides being tightly linked to the founders’ story, is even strategically connected with all the main motorway networks. This way our inbound and outbound logistics is more efficient.
On the contrary, chrome plating and wood processing are carried out in our plants in Montecchio Maggiore, in the province of Vicenza as well.

Moving towards a further logistic development

With more than 16,000 sqm our company is still growing. More production and warehouse plants are in the pipeline thanks to the recent acquisition of further 76,000 sqm of industrial area. To date we acquired another plant of about 2,500 sqm to implement a production enlargement. This logistic development will allow us to make our system of industrial plants even more efficient, and-through a rational internalisation of strategic production processes-to improve the quality of our products and procedures.