Our philosophy
For years our watchword is "Design your space".

All our efforts aim to reach this goal: improving-through research and new products-the way we are living domestic spaces in our everyday, from kitchen to living and sleeping areas.
Innovations and frequent adjustments in the design philosophy as for home furnishings imply an ongoing reflection on the use of domestic spaces, in order to make them more suitable to everyone's lifestyle and needs. Functionality meets the personal style, ergonomics encounters practicality, ease of use and happiness from using.
Here at VIBO we study the interior spaces of your furniture to make them aesthetically perfect, technologically safe and enduring, suitable to the ever-changing needs of your-private and social-everyday life from a functional point of view.

In order to achieve these ambitious objectives we never stop studying lifestyles of our target markets, designing solutions aimed to improve your life at home, every day. Our creative and technical staff constantly keeps up-to-date and aligns to the most advanced professionals in the sector, so that our cultural horizon widens, reaching out new trends in the design of domestic finishing systems.
We are reliable partners of prestigious kitchen and wardrobe manufacturers both for our rigorous systems from prototyping to production (more and more internalised with the aim of maintaining a continuous monitoring of production and qualitative level), and for our broad experience on how we effectively live our house in the everyday. Precious experts and useful advisors for the design of a house to suit who lives it. From an aesthetic, technical and functional point of view.

Kitchen solutions

Kitchen solutions, for over thirty-five years we deal with organising and designing the interior spaces of the house. Since the early beginning of our activity we have followed, studied and even anticipated trends in the field of house furnishings.
We have always interpreted the customers' tastes, but went even further. We have equipped our clients' cabinets with our accessories for kitchens. We have integrated them in the function for which they were studied by aesthetically harmonizing the pieces in the environment of the one who lives them everyday.

Wardrobe solutions

It is widely believed that a wardrobe is never big enough. We have lived, studied and understood it.
Nonetheless, in VIBO we know how to arrange it. It means we can organize at best the space available. Our accessories for wardrobes and walk-in closets arrange, put in order and find the right position for your clothes and accessories.