From 1980 an example of excellence

For over thirty-five years we have been arranging and designing spaces in the house. Since the early beginning of our activity we have followed, discovered and often anticipated developing trends in the home furnishings sector.

We have not just interpreted customers' tastes by equipping their kitchen cabinets with our accessories. We have integrated them in the function for which they were studied by aesthetically harmonizing the pieces in the environment of the one who lives them everyday.

Our idea of kitchen

Our accessories respond to the varied, changing needs as regards kitchen furnishings. This place is the core of domestic life, a place for welcoming and socializing with people, where the personal taste becomes evident, as the way of considering life together. Our kitchen is much more than functional. It is a complete system of life in the house. In the kitchen you need ease in finding objects and ingredients of your everyday life, but versatility for individual and social activities that here take place, too. Reading a recipe, choosing the right ingredient for a relaxing moment with friends, arranging spaces and scheduling your day.

Our products

Our research led us to excellence in the field of kitchen furnishings. We own the know-how, so every object finds the right place, the best arrangement. The on- and-only option, simply perfect with respect to the object. The right one for the people who need to use and reach them with a practical and easy move. However, the kitchen is often all in one with the living area. Therefore, we designed lines that aesthetically harmonize with the dilated spaces of the kitchen. We use contemporary and noble materials like glass, wood and steel. Nonetheless, we employ materials that matching the nobler ones become more precious themselves, transforming into elements of design: plastic, metal sheet, steel wire. A series of collections that we make available in every price range, designed for versatility, but without forgetting elegance, endurance and quality.