17 November 2017

Internationalization, where do SMEs start?
Conference by Apindustria on the theme “internationalization”.

Last November 16, VIBO participated in the conference organized by Apindustria on the theme “Internationalization” and the main elements to implement this process.

Francesco Bonin, owner of the company, explained in detail the way the company tradition succeeded in meetring the contemporary needs of the markets , without losing sight of the true essence of Made in Italy. This article recalls the key points of the conference, that better characterize Vibo today.


Strength of the brand, product and communication are among the keystones of internationalization by Vibo.
We work everyday, striving to offer distinctive products on the market, this is why we put amphasis on patent protection.
As for the specific features of our communicative pattern, we presented a new catalogue in paper format overturning the previous communication standard and showing an increased interest in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WeChat, and welcoming the possibility of using even more communication channels.
Brand awareness should become an immediate process. Our payoff “Design your Space“ conveys the essence of the company in three words and -despite the fact it is in English- this is easily understanding in Italian, too (in order not to lose our identity).