Vibo spa was founded in 1980 in Northeast Italy, a region with a strong entrepreneurial spirit where the ability to risk and innovate is a factor that distinguishes the way of doing business in these lands and has always been a synonym of excellence in the history of Italian industrial development. And Vibo is a prime example of this.

The initial simple working of metal wire, mainly in an artisan manner, maintains firm links with the company’s surroundings, while, by grasping the opportunities offered by market globalization, the company has become a leader in the furnishing subcontracting sector. A world of accessories in wire suitable for countless application areas: furnishing, contracting, retail.
Research into innovative solutions, the development of technologically more complex machining operations, and the use of other materials in addition to metal wire to enhance the product have led Vibo to produce accessories that meet new functional, aesthetic and quality demands in the Made in Italy style of high quality and productive specialization.
The continuously changing scenarios and the goal of differentiating the markets in order to grow even more have led to significant recent investments, with the revolutionization of the production systems and broadening of the product range with new lines with coordinated aesthetics.

The HQ at Trissino covers a total area of about 16,000 sq.m. overall, to which 76,000 sq.m. of adjacent building land were added in 2014 and where new manufacturing extensions will be added in the near future.
Finally, the protection of human health and compliance with European and International legislative obligations provide the backbone of the company’s production processes.
The reason for these decisions was not only to add value to the product but rather to establish a transparent relationship between the company’s conduct and the market.

Confirming the great commitment that the company has made in these areas is the award of UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and UNI EN ISO14001 (Environmental Management System).



VIBO’s chrome-plating plant was installed in 2004 using the most advanced technologies and makes it possible to manufacture the product in a closed cycle. The average production cycle is complete in 3 hours. The quality of the product is high and corrosion-proof, and certified by salt spray tests.

VIBO chrome-plating activities do not involve chrome passivation activi-ties, but rather functional plating procedures with zerovalent chromium, obtained from a bath of hexavalent chromium, in full compliance with national and international directives. As they are plated with chromium in the metallic state, Vibo products therefore do not give rise to leaching which is hazardous for people or to emissions that damage the environment.

Top quality finishing through 5 layers of coatings (matt nickel, acid copper, polished and semi-polished nickel, and chromium), with a guaranteed average deposit thickness of 35 microns. The salt spray tests on Vibo products reveal corrosion rafter 200 hours. The conversion parameter on normal environment is 1 hour: 20 days (more than 10 years).


Robotized islands and hi-tech machinery for high-quality production

The production process using robotic islands and high-tech machinery outputs 35,000 kg of metal wire, and steel and aluminium profile daily.
Almost 5000 items (many patented and subjected to a series of tests before sale) are manufactured entirely in VIBO’s own plants and therefore 100% made in Italy.
Available finishes: bright chrome, matt chrome, polished stainless steel, epoxy-coating in several colours, brass and antique copper.



UNI EN ISO 9001: European Quality Certification since 1998 VIBO was one of the first companies in Italy, in its industry, to receive this certification.


UNI EN ISO 14001: European Environmental Certification since 2004 VIBO was one of the first companies in Europe to receive this certification.


Lean Enterprise Club
Vibo spa is member of the Lean Enterprise Club of the CUOA Institute in Altavilla Vicentina, top training centre for Italy and abroad. Vibo spa applies Lean Manufacturing in order to make more efficient and severe its own models of production and business management.